What Is BuyUsediPhone.co?

BuyUsediPhone.co, is the best resource for finding cheap used iPhones for sale at reasonable prices.  BuyUsediPhone.co, is essentially a hub for helping people get the best price possible when buying a new or used iPhone.  We work with TechNak.com to provide the absolute best prices possible for iPhones.  If you are looking for a cheap or used iPhone, TechNak.com will have prices far cheaper then eBay, Amazon, and many other competing websites online.

We are committed to giving you the best price:

If at any time you notice that a price is found to be more expensive then offered in another location, we encourage you to Contact Us and let us know where the price is.  If we can in most circumstances, we will match the price and give you the best price offered.

We are committed to giving you the best service:

TechNak has a policy called the 100% Gadget-Back return policy when buying a used iPhone. What this means is if you receive an item that was not what you ordered, or significantly not as described in the listing, we will take the gadget, phone, or what ever item you ordered back as a return.  You will be fully refunded for the items amount.

We are committed to making you a repeat customer:

Advertising is expensive and we know that.  It makes much more sense for us to keep you as a loyal customer then to advertise to make a new customer. We have found that the best way to advertise is by word of mouth and through repeat business.  We honor your trust in our company and hope that you will come again.  We also want to hear about how your transaction went.  If you have any problems we will fix them ASAP, because we want your business forever, not just one time!

We are a registered business LLC:

TechNak.com is registered and licensed under our name Gadget Acres LLC residing filed in Oregon.

We are a Better Business Bureau BBB accredited business:

We have been accredited since 7/1/2012 with a A- Rating and no negative experiences recorded.